Who are we ?

We believe we can make a change to protect the nature & humanity. We are a small unknown group of lovers to the nature, herbs and trees. We are Sri Lankans. We aim to open new avenues through nature’s secrets for the new generations and help poor peasants to achieve financial freedom. We provide them medicinal plants to grow and help them to protect forests. We buy their harvest to make our products. Our ancestors gained the best use of herbs and natural cures. We educate the Sri Lankan citizens and other nations about our local remedies and reap its benefits.


To protect our indigenous medicine system and endemic plants for our future generation.


Through the secrets of nature to modern day to day life and open new venues for the future generations.

From Past to the Present

Our ancestors gained the maximum benefits from the extract of herbs. It was a great asset to keep a healthy body free from diseases. The present generation is lack awareness of the great curative powers of these home remedies. The benefits from the herbs & trees around us are unlimited.

What should we do to bring back these home remedies and native medical methods to the present era? How can its value be introduced? We stared our journey by making a pain relieving balm using oil extract of seeds of Mee tree (Madhuca longifolia). We did collaborative research & development with Scientists & government research organizations to produce our six other major export products. We use 100% natural ingredients to manufacture our products. No any artificial preservatives or coloring, we use bees wax as the base of our “Mee” herbal balm and “Fera” hair cream. Natural flowers are used add to color and fragrant. The most important factor is we do not test these herbal cosmetics products on animals.

We are manufacturing filled natural capsules with various medicinal plants (Gymnema sylvestre, Bacopa monnieri, Desmodium, Garicinia cambogia). It is true medicinal herbal plants can be cultivated using conventional methods. We cultivate our plants organically, most of them are sustainable harvested from natural forest and home gardens.

We welcome importers, distributors and re-sellers to show our products in to the world. Let’s work together, Journey has started