Company Information

We are at present a small unknown group of Sri Lanka nature lovers,with love for Herbs and Plants. We are Sri Lankans..We aimed at opening new avenues through natures secrets for the new generation.

To protect our indigenous medicine system and endemic plants for our future generation.
Through the secrets of nature to modern day to day life and open new venues for the future generations.
Veralu natural hair shampoo was highly recommend in order to make hair clear and natural look. Using this shampoo give also a cool feeling on the head skin.
Alexander Slenkiewicz, Poland
Fera was evaluate like the product which is good but to strong and to heavy with its moisturizing properties for our customers hair type.We could highly recommend Sepra Natural Products as a company which creates natural products in ordered to give their customers real value, ready to use.
Alexander Slenkiewicz, Poland
I would like to emphasize Mee Balm as a miracle cream. There wasn’t any allergic reactions or any others diseases after use. Mee Balm was very helpful and highly effective regarding the bone & knee join pains. It also support the skin healing process after mosquitoes bites.
Michael Nalsenius, Sweden